час пик - the rush hour: “She gazed out at the oncoming waves of the rush hour traffic.”


человек года - the man of the year/ the man of the day


человек старой школы - a man of the old school: “He is a strict disciplinarian and expects his men to work hard, but he never asks them to do more than he does himself. He is a man of the old school.”


через мой труп - over my dead body: “He will never marry my daughter, it will be only over my dead body.”


честное слово - upon my word: “Upon my word, what’s the matter with this machine. It is constantly out of order.”


четвертое измерение - the fourth dimension: an imaginary dimension in addition to length, breadth and height


черная работа - the spadework: “Just good old-fashioned spadework.”


черный день - a rainy day: “You must have money for a rainy day.”


черный юмор - sick humour/sick joke: humour that is morbid or sadistic


черт ногу сломит - the devil will pay

чистейшей воды - of the first water: “Rubenstein was a musician of the first water, absolutely superb.”


чистосердечно сознаться - to make a clean breast of the matter: “If you have stolen the money, you’d better make a clean breast of it to your father at once.”


читать между строк - to read between the lines: “If he is able to read between the lines, then he will understand everything.”


что бы ни случилось - come rain or shine: “Come rain or shine, Fanny will always visit her mother on Sunday.”


что на уме, то и на языке - to have too much tongue


чувство потери - a sense of loss: “When John resigned, we all felt a strong senses of loss.”


чувствовать себя как рыба в воде - to take a something like a duck to water: “Although he had never been to the office before, he took to the routine like a duck to water.”


чувствовать себя не в своей тарелке - to feel ill ease with: “I always feel ill at ease with my boss, I can’t say why.”


чья-то плоть и кровь - one’s own flesh and blood: “You can’t cut yourself off from your son; after all, he is your own flesh and blood.”