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         There is a saying that if you want something to be done well, do it yourself. So, I am following this wise saying and would like to introduce myself.

         My first name is Sergey, my family name is Kravenko and my second name is Yurievich.

         But in the beginning, I would like to represent my family and parents. Actually my family isn’t large. My family con­sists of my father, mother, sister and cat Boris.

          My father’s name is Yuri. He is 41 years, but he looks much younger. He is a businessman. My dad is a well-educated and well-read person; he has experiences in many fields. That is why it is always interesting to communicate with him, he usu­ally tells many exciting stories, of course, if he has free time.

           And my mother is 37. Her name is Natalia. She is a good- looking, blond woman. She has large green eyes. I admire her character. She is an optimist; she is full of energy and enthusiasm. I really adore her sense of humour. She is a housewife. It takes her much time and power to take care of our home. But I can assure, she copes with her job very well. Besides, both my farther and I help her with the housework. For exam­ple, I wash dishes, plates, sometimes go shopping and so on.

         I enjoy spending time with my family very much. We often go for walks. I enjoy strolling along streets because my parents usually tell me a lot of interesting details of the history of our city. That is also the reason I’m fond of travelling with my parents. My mother spends much time in the kitchen — she is keen on cooking. We always find out new recipes, try them. When I was a child, my father involved me in stamp collec­ting. Since that time, stamps and ancient coins have become my hobby. We have a huge collection of stamps and coins. We also are keen on music and everyone who comes to our place praises our numerous collections of CD and DVD disks. It is impossible to name all the things we can do together, so I think I can stop here.

          I would like to see my father’s parents. But they were gone before my birth. According to my parents’ words, they were wonderful and outstanding people. But to my mind, my dad inherited their best features. My parents are remarkable peo­ple: kind-hearted, honest, they have moral values and don’t break promises. They understand me completely. They allow me almost everything, they always give me good advice and, frankly speaking, I don’t know what I will do without them. I am very lucky that I have got such wonderful parents and, of course, I love them very much.

          Now, I think, it is time to speak about myself. My name is Sergey, but my friends call me Seriy. I am 15.

           I am tall and not bad built. I have an oval face and large green eyes. Speaking about my character, I can say that I’m friendly, kind, generous and honest. I do not like falsehood. I have my own likes and dislikes. I am modest and sometimes shy, but do not advice someone tricking or kidding me. But in spite of all these characters, I can keep secrets; I never let my friends down. I usually say, what I think, that is why people around me often take offence. For me it is very difficult to cope with people who have such features of character as ego­ism and dishonesty.





  1. What is my first name?
  2. What is my second name?
  3. What is my family name?
  4. Is my family large?
  5. What are my father’s and my mother’s names?
  6. How old is my father?
  7. How old is my mother?
  8. What is my father by profession?
  9. Do I enjoy spending time with my family?
  10. What hobby do I have?
  11. How old am I?
  12. What people don’t I like?





saying — поговорка, пословица

wisdom — мудрость, мудрый

to introduce — представить

first name — имя

family name — фамилия

second name — второеимя, отчество

to represent — представить

actually — вообще, фактически

to consist of — состоять из 

experiences — опыт

to communicate — общаться

exciting — волнующий

blond — блондинка

to admire — восхищаться, любоваться

to adore — обожать

sense — чувство

to assure — уверять, заверять

to cope — справляться

to wash — мыть

dish — тарелка, блюдо

plate — тарелка

to go (past went, p.p. gone) shopping — ходить за покуп­ками

to spend (past spent, p.p. spent) — проводить, тратить

to stroll — прогуливаться, бродить

to be fond of — очень сильно что-л. любить, увлекаться

to be keen on — очень сильно что-л. любить

to cook — готовить пищу, стряпать

recipe — рецепт

to involve — включать в себя, заниматься чем-л.

ancient — древний, античный, старый

coin — монета

huge — огромный, очень большой

to praise — хвалить, превозносить

birth — рождение

outstanding — выдающийся

to inherit — получить в наследство, унаследовать

remarkable — замечательный, удивительный

kind-hearted — добрый, добросердечный

honest — честный

to allow — позволять, разрешать

advice — совет

frankly — честно

lucky — счастливый, везучий

generous — нежадный, великодушный

falsehood — ложь, неправда

modest — скромный, сдержанный

shy — застенчивый, робкий, нерешительный

to trick — обманывать, надувать

to kid — обманывать, надувать; высмеивать

in spite of — вопреки

to keep (past kept, p.p. kept) secret — хранить секрет

to let (past let, p.p. let) smb. down — подводить кого-л.

offence — обида


Скачать русский перевод текстов будет доступно после оплаты.

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Тариф "Недельный завал"

Возможность скачивать и просматривать все материалы в течении 1 недели.

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