Peter the Great’s Cottage

        One of the first buildings of St. Petersburg was Pe­ter the Great’s Cottage. The cottage was built at the end of May 1703. The workmen built this cottage in three days. It was a small single-storeyed wooden structure. It didn’t have a stone foundation. The length of the cottage was 12m, the width was 5.5m. It was 2.5m high. The cottage was built of rough- finished pine logs. The logs were painted to look like bricks. The cottage was roofed with little boards to look like tiles. It had seven windows. There weren’t any stoves or flues in the cottage. Peter the Great lived there only in summer. The plain furniture graced the rooms of the cottage. There were a lot of Peter’s tools there. Peter I mastered 14 skills professionally.

        The tools hung on the walls.

        The cottage was preserved as a historical sight of St. Petersburg. Now a museum is located in this building.



brick - кирпич, кирпичный

board - доска

foundation - основание, фундамент

flue - дымоход

grace - украшать

high - высокий

length - длина

locate - располагать в определенном месте

log - бревно

look - выглядеть, казаться

master - владеть (проф. навыками)

paint – красить

pine - сосна

plain - простой,

preserve - сохранять, охранять

rough-finished - грубо отделанный, неотесан­ный

roof - крыша

sight - достопримечательность

single-storeyed - одноэтажный

skill - мастерство, искусство

stove - печь

tile - черепица

tool - инструмент

width - ширина

wooden - деревянный