Так ему и надо! - it serves him right


так или иначе - in any event: “I’ll call you in any event.”


так сказать - so to speak: “Mr. Stout was, so to speak, the real boss, though he was only the company’s vice president.”


танец живота - a belly-dance: a dance in which the dancers rotate their hips


таскать каштаны из огня - to pull the chestnut out of the fire: “He wants us to pull the chestnut out of the fire for him. And I am not going to do this.”


творить чудеса - to work wonders/to work lake magic: “A day on the water worked wonders on them.”


телячья любовь - calf love/puppy love: the first adolescent love-affair


тем хуже - so much the worse


темная лошадка - a dark horse: “Do you have any idea who this dark horse is?”


тертый калач - an old hand: “Walt will finish the roof very quickly. He is an old hand at that kind of work.”


только пятки сверкают - to show a clean pair of heels: “As soon as I asked them for money, they showed a clean pair of heels.”


тонкости профессии - the tricks of the trade: “The old man knew a lot of tricks of the trade that you can’t learn out of book or at college.”


топтаться на месте - to mark time: “The member of the Senate committee had to mark time until the Chairman arrived.”


точь-в-точь - for all the world like: “Carol stood there in her mother’s long white dress, for all the world like her mother when she was Carol’s age.”


третий лишний - two is company, three is none: when there are three in a company there is always a tendency for two of them to make friends at the expense of the third


тридцать сребреников - thirty pieces of silver (the money paid to Judas Iscariot for betraying Jesus Christ): “You are a traitor. They bought you for thirty pieces of silver.”


троянский конь - the Trojan horse: a treacherous gift


трястись как осиновый листочек - to shake like a leaf: to tremble with fear


тут как тут - on the spot: “The police were on the spot when I had a car accident.”


ты бы помалкивал, сам тоже хорош - a case of the pot calling the kettle black


Ты что, язык проглотил? - Have you lost your tongue?


тянуть время - to play for time: “We do not know the answer yet. I can play for time until Bill comes and help us.”