Заказываем гостиницу

                      H O T E L

1. to stay at a hotel = to put up at a hotel for a night (week, month)

2. to reserve = to book a room (single, double), a suite with a hotel – заказать комнату в гостинице

3. to cancel booking – аннулировать заказ

4. rooms available – свободные комнаты                               

5. to reserve by phone, telegram, letter

6. to get = to have accommodation at a hotel – получить место в гостинице

7. to accommodate – размещать

e.g.   I don’t think they’ll accommodate you at any of the hotels. With this Congress  on they are full up & it’s impossible to get accommodate.

8. residential rates = weekly, monthly rates – льготный тариф (понедельный, помесячный)

         e.g.    I’ll take the room by the week – Я буду платить понедельно.

9. transient rates = day rates – посуточный тариф

         e.g.    - What’s the rate per night? (всутки)

                   - A single room’s four pounds a night & a double room’s six pounds a night.

10. to register at a hotel

      to sing in = to check in (Am. Eng.) = to sign out = to check out – прописаться = выписаться

e.g.    Will you pay in advance or when checking out?

11. to fill in the registration card (arrival card) – заполнить листок прибытия (the name in full, permanent address, passport number, the purpose of your stay – цель визита).

12. hotel bill – счёт за проживание в гостинице

13. to settle an account – оплатить проживание в гостинице

e.g.    Will you let us know when you are leaving, so that we could get the bill ready for you?



                             PEOLE WORKING AT A HOTEL

1. a receptionist - администратор

2. a reception desk (to leave the key with the receptionist or at the reception desk)

3. a bell-boy = a page – рассыльный  (he shows the guests up to their rooms)

4. a lift-boy

5. a maid = a chambermaid – горничная (she keeps the rooms clean and tidy, makes the beds, changes the bedding)

6. a desk clerk (gives & receives the keys to the rooms)

7. a receptionist (receives new quests, gives them accommodation, gives all the necessary information; a receptionist is a mine of information)

8. a doorman = footman (opens the door, helps visitors out of the car, calls a taxi for visitors)

9. a pigeon-hole (a place for guests’ mail & keys)