ждать с козла молока - to milk the bull (ram): “It is stupid to expect anything from here; a nere case of milking the bull.”


желать попутного ветра - to wish a fair wind: “The President wished a fair wind to the sportsmen who were going to participate in the Olympic Games.”


железной рукой - with an iron hand: “The leader crushed he rebellion with an iron hand.”


железный занавес - the iron curtain: the military and political barrier which separated the Western democracies from the Warsaw Pact countries.


желторотый - green / as green as grass: “You cannot expect this boy to do business with such person as Arthur. He is only twenty and as green as grass.”


животные страсти - animal passions: man’s lowest instincts


жить как кошка с собакой - to lead a cat and a dog life: “They quarrel furiously most of the time. It is difficult to understand how can they lead this cat and dog life.”


жить не по средствам - to live beyond one’s means: “No wonder the Howards have gone bankrupt; they have been living beyond their means for years.”


жить открытым домом - to keep open house: to be at home to visitors at all the times; to offer them hospitality regardless of who they are


жребий брошен - the die id cast: your action is irrevocable