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убить в зародыше - to strange at birth: “The bad guys are looking for opportunities, mischief, anything to strange the peace talks at birth.”


убить сразу двух зайцев - to kill two birds with one stone: “We can kill two birds with one stone by combining our honeymoon with our business trip.”


ударить ниже пояса - to hit below the belt: “By laughing at him in his girl-friend’s presence, Jerry hit him below the belt.”


ударить рикошетом - to backfire: “The candidate’s plan to discredit his opponent backfired, and his own reputation suffered greatly.”


ударять по карману - см. бить по карману


указать на дверь - to show someone the door: to request someone to leave


ум хорошо, а два лучше - two heads are better than one


умереть как собака - to die like a dog: to die without honour or dignity, to die in shameful circumstances


умереть со скуки - to be bored stiff/bored to tears: “I am bored stiff by many of the television programmes.”


умереть со смеху - to be tickled to death: “We were tickled to death when he had told us about his adventures in the mountains.”


умыть руки - to wash one’s hands of: “I’d better wash my hand of this family.”


управлять железной рукой - to rule with a rod of iron: “He told us how his step-father ruled the family with a rod if iron; the teachers at school were quite gentle in comparison.”


упрямый как осел - as stubborn as a mule/as obstinate as a donkey


усталый как собака - dog-tired: “The man was dog tired after working the whole day in the garden.”


устами младенца - out of mouths of babes and sucklings: “Did you hear what you little son sad? This is the truth that comes out of mouths of babes and sucklings.”


устроить сцену - to make a scene: “The bill is much too high, but for goodness sake let’s pay it rather than make a scene.”


утечка мозгов - the Brain Drain: the emigration of college and university graduates tempted by the higher salaries and better facilities


утопать в роскоши - to raise hell: “The boss raised hell with the staff because they kept this information from him.”


учить наизусть - to learn (off) by heart: “Our teacher makes us learn all the poems off by heart.”


ухватиться обеими руками - to accept with both hands: “If I’d been in your place, I’d have accepted his offer with both hands. You won’t have a better one.”