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хвататься за соломинку - to clutch at a straw: “A drawing man will clutch at a straw.”


хитрый как лиса - as cunning as a fox


хлеб насущный - daily bread: “Give us this day our daily bread…”


хлебом не корми - it must have been meat and drink to you: “To listen to the music must have been meat and drink to you.”


ходить вокруг да около - to beat about the bush: “Stop beating about the bush and tell me what you want.”


ходить на цыпочках - to go to tip-toe/ to walk on tip-toe/to tip-toe: “When their mother was ill, the children tip-toed up and down stairs so as not to wake her.”


ходят слухи - something in the air/in the wind: “The clerks were whispering together in the office today; something is in the air.”


холодная война - cold war: “The end of the Cold War had left the spycatchers with very little to do.”


хомут на шее - a millstone round one’s neck: “My sister-in-law has been a millstone around my neck ever since I married.”


худой как щепка - as thin as a rake: “She has no strength at all. She smokes like a chimney, Thin as a rake.”